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The Womb Spiral, created by Dane Tomas and Zapheria Bell, is a powerful journey through the

7 gates of the womb.


We use muscle testing/kinesiology, emotional clearing, embodiment practices and more to release old baggage, open and liberate this channel and pathway.


The Womb is the space where our creative feminine force lives. The more deeply we are connected with our womb, the more connected we become with our bodies, our pleasure, our power & our innate ability to magnetise, create and birth with ease.


Both literally & figuratively.


This journey is completely online through 8 x 1:1 sessions and 8 x group sessions.

You will have a facebook group, extra resources & access to voice coaching to fully support you during your experience.


This is the perfect journey for female bodied beings who are looking to;

  • Release old traumas, wounding & baggage, both personal & ancestral

  • Cultivate deeper trust & safety within the body

  • Develop a more intimate connection with themselves & the body

  • Conceive & birth with power & ease

  • Increase pleasure & feeling

  • Feel more connected to their soul & purpose

  • Opening up to ecstatic & orgasmic birthing & existence

  • and SO MUCH MORE!


Your Womb is calling, are your ready to listen?

**Payment plans available**

"They say when women awaken, mountains move. I say, when wombs awaken, the ripple can be felt across the globe."


~ Zapheria Bell