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Image by Lucas Benjamin
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You've been on this epic journey, you've had some incredible shifts, you've formed a deeper connection to your womb and body. So, now what? 

It is my deepest intention that even though you have completed the Womb Spiral with me,  you continue to stay connected to this work, to the gates and to allow them to become a consistent support and guide in your life. 

Which is why I have created the                      community. 

A safe & loving community for those want to stay connected. 

Connected to sisterhood, to the feminine pathway and magic of the womb gates. 

it is a $44AUD monthly membership which gives you access to 

- A facebook support group/community 
- A monthly group clearing call/ journey through the gates
- Weekly lives/womb transmissions
- Resources/practices to support you

-Space to share your experiences/ask any questions you have 

This membership is here to keep this work alive in your life, in your body and to support your continual deepening, expansion & evolution. 

Welcome home,

Welcome to

We of the Womb.