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Zoe is a womb spiral practitioner,  intuitive body worker,  sacred birth worker, photographer, dreamer & change maker

After a sudden awakening in 2016  (more on that another time) I had my heart, mind & soul blown wide open.


After being  left  completely in awe by what  human beings are capable of, and my mind blown by how little we're taught about ourselves, I became intensely passionate about helping others awaken to their own potential. 

I'm most specifically driven by the power of the mind-body connection and personal belief that connecting with and understanding the human body on a holistic level  is one of the keys to living a limitless life.

I believe the body is the gate way to the soul & it is always speaking to us. 

I help others to understand this language & form deeply connected and loving relationships with themselves. So they can stop looking outside of themselves for fulfilment and  live an empowered life as masters of their fate and creators of their own reality.

I currently do this through 1:1 work, masterclasses, retreats, online courses & I guess, just in my general life existence!